Koreana Karaoke Open Christmas Day

Due to popular demand- we will be Open Christmas night from 7pm-130 am! We have 10 different language options, full dance floor, projector screens and big screen TVs for our Public Main Room Karaoke. Come visit Mama June at the bar and enjoy our $9.99 or less Late night Menu. Koreana karaoke also features Private […]

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Karaoke at KOREANA Karaoke & Enjoy Our Food Menu

Our Famous Pot stickers are served with a side of our Homemade signature dipping sauce topped with green onions. These vegetable dumplings keeps our customers coming back time and time again. Only $7.99 We all know that 1 dish that fills the room with the mouth watering, head turning, gotta-have-it-now food. Here at KOREANA Karaoke, […]

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Sports and Karaoke at Koreana Karaoke Bar Chesterfield St. Louis Missouri

  Koreana Karaoke Bar has now upgraded to a Sports Karaoke Bar. We now feature 4 HD Television screens along with a Big Screen Projector,which will feature any sports game available on Charter Television.  Koreana Karaoke Supports our Local Sports Teams but will also feature any sports game requested by the customers. After all, it’s […]

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Koreana Karaoke Menu Chesterfield Missouri St. Louis All Under $9.99

Koreana Karaoke Bar Menu Chesterfield missouri St. Louis

  Karaoke Bar Chesterfield Mo Late Night Menu All Under $9.99 now at Koreana Karaoke. Karaoke & Kitchen starts at 7pm and goes until 1:30 am (Except on Sundays). Sundays Karaoke & kitchen is open until 12:00am.

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Free Holiday Party Rentals at Koreana Karaoke

Free Holiday Party Rentals at Koreana Karaoke for Season of 2013

Need Great Holiday Party Ideas? Free Holiday Party Rentals at Koreana Karaoke to celebrate the 2013-2014 Holiday Season!! When most businesses and groups search for the perfect holiday party location, the majority of the decision making rests upon entertainment and value. Look no further than Koreana to satisfy both! For the 1st time ever we […]

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Koreana Karaoke Rewards Facebook Fans


Koreana Karaoke Rewards Facebook Fans with New Special, 1 Free Hour Attached to Reservation in a Private Room! We are excited to become a part of such a global social network and to interact with our fans! And what better way to be excited than to offer our Premium Special for August, which is 1 […]

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Koreana Karaoke Bar in Chesterfield Review from Westmont

Share the Mic in our Private Rooms with Luxury at Koreana Karaoke

Koreana Karaoke Bar in Chesterfield Gets Review from Westmont Community What’s  your idea of a fun night? Aside from the usual dinner & a movie, or family game night, Westmont residents should try out Karaoke in Chesterfield! Koreana Karaoke Bar is one of the only places in town that provides a full bar atmosphere as well as […]

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